A Well-Lit Road

29 04 2011

My mind is not here. Why does it have to be like this? Either in complete control, suffocating all else in me, or completely absent. Why can’t my clever/stupid mind have some sort of middle ground so it can “guide” me instead of control me or abandon me? Better yet, why can’t my ill-fated mind take a side and be consistent: present or absent? Just when I begin to trust it, rely on it, it disappoints me so.

My malicious mind is steadily leading me on to a smooth, well-paved and subtle road. A rainbow with a luring blinding light awaits at the end. It’s a solitary road. No one else treads here. No footsteps for me to follow. Only mine. There is never anyone here. My kingdom, my realm. My mind, my thoughts, my words. All abstracts. My heaven.

Only the real world interferes too much. If I could only bag up the real world — with all its hassles —  in a big pouch, seal it, and put on the side of my beautiful road for someone else to take, for someone else to own. Then, I can walk, with proud unburdened shoulders, on my brightly lit road, undistracted by my life.  Steadier, faster footsteps.




2 responses

7 05 2011
The Writing Goddess

Sending hugs and greetings to you. In a perfect world, MY mind would not have been waylaid by an evil bronchial infection lo these many weeks, and I could FOCUS, and not be distracted by hacking out what’s left of my brain cells.

But, we don’t get to live in a perfect world, just make do with what we have, where we are, and do our best to move on from there.

8 05 2011

Thank you very much for the hugs and greetings. Can I approve your comment and post it in reply to my post?

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