The Message

30 06 2011

I have always followed my clever mind,

in pursuit of absolute, universal

truth and right.


time and again,

I was left at a loss:

black or white?

left or right?

reward or punishment ?


Answers, none did I find.

Friends, I left behind.


and my heart I boxed

to attune myself to the daily grind.

I consulted

books, physicians, scholars

and no satisfaction or peace of mind.

Harsh, cold, walled I grew,

armed with my strict rules and clever mind:

calculations, predictions, dismissals,

every time I started anew

unfailingly arriving at one sole destination:

Hurt and failure.


I have removed every mirror

for I can no longer my discordant,

uneasy face and exhausted skin view.

Nor can I bear the terrors

of ghosts from distant pasts

and anticipation of future errors.

Today, in my story,

I stand peripheral,



A void,

a gap,

an ache.

A longing for a hand,

a smile,

a word,

warm and kind.


The very abyss I had toiled to avoid

is my current abode.

Upwards, from the pit of my dismal hole.

My anguish loudly thunders:

What is the message?

What is the code?

I am tired.

I don’t understand.

I can’t see.



Wake up. I am here for you.

I have been waiting for you.


What do you mean ‘wake up’?

I respect you.

I obey you.

You, I fear.

Your commands I revere.

I consider myself devout.



where is your heart?

And why do you seek answers

and support from without?


You scrutinize,


reasons and causes

and overlook the Causer.

You seek the help of people,

equally helpless as you,

and forget The Almighty.

You rely on your mind,

common sense and human logic

and dismiss My design

and Divine Assistance,

which defies all logic.


For peace, you consult books, doctors,

mere resources,

and forget the Source.

You are ailed by loneliness

when I am here for you, always,

for I am your Companion,



You have lost your way

angry and confused

when I am The Guide.

Only with Me

will you find your long sought truth.


Consumed by your afflictions,

doubt and fear,

although I am always near,

for I am Al Qareeb.

Safety, peace, light,

you will find here,

for I am Al Salam,

An- Nour.

Your heart is a desert

while I am Al Wadud.

I have waited for you,


for I am As-Sabur.

You seek kindness in others

But I am Ar-Raouf.

You ask others,

when I am Al Mujib.

You worry about trifles

when I am Al Wakeel.


You know that if you walk to Me,

I come to you running.

You take the first step

and the rest is on Me;

I am the Guarantor.

You know,

but you do not feel,

you do not trust,

you do not rely,

you do not believe.

Resentment is your blind.


I send you blessings and gifts

which you receive as curses.

You resent, you reject.

Angry, you turn your back on Me.

You are headstrong

and refuse to see.


No one knows you like I do.

No one loves you like I do

My Love is unmatched.

No mercy is comparable to Mine.

Come out of the darkness

and take My Hand.

All I ask is that you trust

and lean on Me


Take the leap

and this time,

you will not fall,

I promise.

Then, this world and the next

I guarantee.





Open your eyes.

Open your heart

and you will heal.

Seek me.

Look at me.

See me.

Accept my decree.

Turn around,

face me.

Walk towards me.

I am here.

For you.


Until the end.




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