A Feast for the Soul

3 08 2011

It’s Ramadan in the Muslim world. It’s the epitome of spirituality. During this blessed month, the doors of Paradise are all open and the doors of Hell are all locked. Satan and his followers are chained. It’s a spirituality feast for anyone who wants to reconcile with their Creator. It’s a time where one transcends physical desires and feeds the spiritual self through fasting, praying (at night), reading the Quran, doing as many good deeds as possible, especially helping the poor and any good deed one can think of, no matter how small. It’s a time for doing good, for building and elevating one’s Palace in Paradise. It’s a feast, a celebration and a race all in one.

In this context, people are competing to do good. Some are out on the streets at sunset setting charity tables to feed the fasting poor. Others are doing volunteer work in charities, delivering foods to poor helpless families. Others are volunteering in orphanages to be with parentless orphans at this special time. Others yet are doing their utmost to teach others about God, to spread the message.


As you know, I had started on my own little journey of spiritual discovery/reconciliation a short while ago. My intention was/is to re-examine, relearn and disentangle the cultural from the religious. My aim was/is to re-understand my beliefs and reconcile with God.

One program I really like is called “A Call to Mankind.” It selects verses from the Quran that are directed towards all people, towards mankind. These verses all begin with the words, “O Mankind!

In my journey, I wanted to replace my sense of “must,” “fear,” and “doomed” with “love,” “compassion,” “companionship,” and “support,” with love being the most important one. I wanted to “feel the love” in my spirituality. I had had enough of following the rules out of fear. I wanted a love that goes both ways. Amazingly enough, this Ramadan one of the presenters whom I highly respect is presenting a program called “I Love You, My Lord.” A sign?

Hence, the idea of “Ramadan Bits” where I incorporate my Ramadan in this blog by writing about bits and pieces from here and there. Far be it for me to preach, for I know nothing. These are merely my observations, reflections, reactions, and hopes.





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