Stamp of Acceptance Granted

3 08 2011

The theme here is to really “see” how much God loves us and wants the best for us then, to do our best to show our love to Him.

Presenter: “Did you know that the first story in the Quran, which is about one-third stories, is one of mistake and sin? It is a story about someone who sinned in a place where there is no room for sin. Did you know this? It’s the story of Adam and Eve and how they ate from the forbidden tree because they were duped by Satan, but then Allah forgave them.”

 “The first qualities Allah attributes to Himself in the Quran are “At-Tawwab Ar-Rahim,” meaning the Acceptor/Grantor of Repentance the Merciful.” (The Cow:37)

Repentance. Forgiveness.

God likes the moment of reconciliation, the moment when we “return” to him and want to be on good terms, foregoing that which puts distance between us and our Creator. There is a famous story that reveals how happy God is when we return to him. It goes something like this:

A man was travelling in the desert. He had all his sustenance for this journey on his camel. As he took a nap, he woke up to find that his camel (and all his sustenance and water) was gone. Sure of his death in the middle of the desert without food, water or transportation, the man just lay down to receive his hour calmly. When he woke up, he found that his camel had come back. He was so elated and thankful that he said, “Allah, You are my servant and I am your Lord . . .”

The man was so happy that he couldn’t put together a meaningful sentence. God is happier with our return than this man was with the return of his means of life. God is happier with our return than the man whose happiness made his sentence come out all wrong. Only there is one difference: The man needed his camel.

Not only that, but He converts our sins to good deeds. So, every sin I committed is turned to a good deed. There is a joke about someone who says, “I wish I had sinned more so I can have more good deeds now at my repentance.” God wants to be sure that once we truly return to him, He will surely accept us. There is no doubt there.

For me, this was such a relief. Many a dark hour have I wondered, “Has He not accepted me? Is He angry with me? Is He punishing me?” This had been a roadblock for me. I knew that I would not receive a “certificate of acceptance/forgiveness” from above. Nevertheless, I need that assurance. Someone had told me something to this effect before, but I wasn’t satisfied. I thought she may have just been trying to encourage me. But here was this man saying to the world, “As you turn to Him and say, ‘I want You to be satisfied with me,’ be certain, certain that you are accepted.”

“Certain. Accepted.”

I was so endlessly relieved.

I actually smiled.




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