27 04 2012

I guess this is the sequel/extension to “I’m back.”

Inhabited by a desert.





I wonder where the desert winds will land me tomorrow.

And the day after.

Will I find my way back to the green? To the inhabited?

How can I when I must battle this desert inside, yet I have no strength? Drained, I must stand alone and fight my mind, my self. Knowing that no one can help with this battle is all the more exasperating. How can I win?

If only this were something one could cry out of one’s system or wash away with a shower and go back to the so-difficult-to-attain state of well-being. If only one could skip the days where one had to feel like this. Despair.

But I guess one must be patient and hold on to the thought that this too will pass. Like all else, the good, and the bad. It’s all temporary.

It’s all temporary. Including this life.






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