I am a divorcee  in my early 30s. (Lesson learned: Marriage is not the way for me.)

I love getting absorbed in a good movie: they’re far more satisfying than reality.  I also enjoy reading very much (only when my mind is not crowded with my obsessions).

I have an outrageously uncontrollable sweet tooth.

I am currently jobless and hope now to settle in a job/career that  will be compatible with my very low stress tolerance levels.

A perfectionist who tends to be incapacitated by her unending negative obsessive thoughts, I think in terms of black and white and have a hard time with gray areas.

I am working on accepting two things:  imperfection and myself.


One response

31 05 2011

Hello. I’m enjoying your blog tremendously. I have a wonderfully bright 14 year old daughter with OCPD, OCD traits, and Asperger traits. I see a lot of her in what you write.

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